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Usually I prefer to get the ball rolling by phone, but if you prefer by email,

 here is what I need to know.

What is the address I will be delivering to?

What is your phone number and can I text you at this number?

How many bottles do you need to get through 2 weeks and what size?

Do you need a dispenser or do you own your own?

If you need to rent a dispenser from me do you want it to provide hot water?

Can I bill you by email? If not, what address would you like me to send the bill to?

After you have received your bill would you like me automatically charge your credit card?

Ultra Pure Water, Inc

(541) 734-0828


Open today

09:00 am – 06:00 pm


NO Spill Caps and Dispensers


Changing a bottle is no longer a messy or difficult job. Just peel the sticker, and a stem in the dispenser does the rest.

3 gallon, 5 gallon and BPA Free Bottles

Five gallon, three gallon,BPA free

To have us deliver to your home costs $4.50

per 3 gallon, or $6.50 per 5 gallon bottle. BPA Free is $9.00 per 5 gallon bottle.           No hidden  Fuel charges or Delivery fees.

Delivery,Trade-Out, or Fill Your Own


If Delivery isn't an option,  or  if saving money is a priority.  You can Trade-Out our prefilled bottles or fill your own container for 40¢ per gallon.

Dispenser Rental


We don't require that you rent a dispenser from us, but if you need to, we charge $8.00 for Room & Cold or $10.00 for a HOT & Cold per month.

Why Ultra Pure ? for bottled water delivery


 No Long Term Contract

No Fuel Charges or Delivery Fees

Price-Lock Guarantee 

Answers to your questions


What to do if you need us and we are closed. Trouble shooting videos and more.