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 We brought the no-spill dispenser to the valley in 1995. It does not hurt our feelings if you have never heard of us, we  grow our business through word of mouth and great reviews. Our clients love that we our family owned and you can talk to Robert, the owner, just by calling.  We  don't jack with the prices, the price you agree to on being set up is what you will pay for the next 10 years. And we won't charge extra with "energy surcharges" or "delivery fees" every time the cost of gas goes up. No year long contract to get locked into either. If you need us for just a few weeks while your well pump gets replaced we can work with that.  

 We start our purification process  with a charcoal filter to remove organic compounds, large sediment and chlorine. A water softener is used next to remove the  calcium and magnesium that is present and then back through a second charcoal filter. At this point our water could be sold as filtered but we are going for purified so on to the pressurized  reverse osmosis cylinders to remove 99.8% of anything that is not water, including dead bacteria that was killed by the chlorine we removed in the first step. Once our water is down to 10ppm TDS (total dissolved solids) we can put "purified" on our label. We guarantee our water to be 4ppm TDS or less and we put that on our label too.
As we prepare to bottle, we take two more precautions to ensure that there is only water in our water. One, the bottler is pressurized with filtered air so no airborne contaminates are present as the bottles are being filled . And two, the purified water is piped through a tower of ozone moments before it gets bottled.